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A Disciple is: One who is conforming into the image of Christ, both in His character and competency.
Asking the question, “What is God saying and what am I going to do about it?”
Living intentionally imitating His Up, In, and Out relational rhythm of life. 

Man Looking Out to the Mountains
People Walking


Jesus above all else took time pray to the Father. His relationship with Him was always His first priority. He said that He did nothing that He did not see His Father do and only said what the Father gives Him to say. This is the heart of our conforming into His image, we must be with our first love.


Jesus shared His life with those the Father gave Him. He discipled, sharing His life with the twelve more closely than any other. Jesus has placed us within His body, the church. It is as a church in our local expression that we our most discipled.


Jesus would routinely go to the synagogue, but that was not the only place we found Him ministering. How often it was that we see Him pausing to minister to the margins as He went along His way. So it is that He would call us to make disciples as we are going.

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